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The Australian is always looking out for its customers, and with World First being one of Australia’s leading foreign exchange companies, it seemed like a good fit. Because World First offers great rates and service to both individuals and businesses, you could end up making significant savings. We wanted you to benefit, and that’s why Australian Currency Services is provided by World First. Set up in 2004, they now have offices in London, Sydney, Asia and the US.

Because the exchange rates you get with Australian Currency Services could be so much better than you’d get from your bank, that’s where the savings come in. Typical savings are between 0.25% and 4% of the amount you’re transferring, compared to your bank.

We won’t hide anything from you. We’re completely transparent about our fees, and you’ll never get a nasty shock from us. There are no fees charged by us for private clients making transfers over AUD 10,000; and a flat fee of $10 for transfers under AUD 10,000.
Private clients

We do not charge a fee on any private client international payment over $10,000. For international payments under $10,000 we charge a flat fee of $10. This is less than almost all the banks, who usually charge between $25 and $40.

Corporate clients

We'll agree a payment fee structure with you that reflects how much business we do together. These fees can range from $0 to $15 per transaction. Sometimes the banks in the middle and at the end will take a charge, so it seems that not all the money has been sent but we try our best to make sure all your money gets to where it needs to by covering correspondent and receiving charges where we can.

You can transact any amount over $1,000 or equivalent. You can make a transaction online or over the phone.

It can take as little as five minutes to sign up, provided you have all your documents ready. Once you’re signed up, it could take as little as an hour for you to make your first trade, but you're under no obligation to transact.

Yes you can, provided you have an account set up with us. A lot of our clients find that they can save a lot of time by managing their currency transfers online.

Through Australian Currency Services’ easy to use online platform, you can fix a rate and book a trade, manage payments and beneficiaries and view live statements whenever it suits you.

Australian Currency Services is provided by World First Pty Ltd, which is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) AFS Licence number 331945. Australian Company Number (ACN) 132 368 971. Member of the Financial Ombudsman Service membership number 13405.

Ensuring the safety and security of your money is central to our business. We comply fully with all relevant regulations and ensure your funds are appropriately segregated from business funds in line with requirements.

Here at Australian Currency Services, we aim to provide the fastest available international payments. The exact amount of time it will take for your money to get to its destination will depend on a few things, for example the currency you're buying or sending, the bank account you’re sending to and the size of the transaction, but in general you can follow this guide.

If it's sterling, US dollars or euros then we'll usually make a same-day payment when we receive your funds. This will arrive fully cleared with your bank the same day though they may not credit your account until the next business day.

With other currencies, we send your payment out on the date agreed but you'll need to allow one to four days for your funds to reach the recipient. The length of time depends on the currency. For example for Swedish kroner, it will be 1 day; for East Caribbean Dollars it could be 4 days. Transfers to Australia and New Zealand will usually clear within 24 hours.

If you're sending USD to another country (not the US) then you should allow up to 4 days for it to clear.

If you need funds to arrive by a particular date please call us for advice and accurate information for the country you are sending funds to.

In rare circumstances delays may occur. Australian Currency Services will do everything reasonably possible to ensure that funds arrive on time but is not liable for delays caused by intermediary or receiving banks.

The exchange rate we will quote you will depend on the amount you’re looking to send, and when you want it to arrive.

The rates you'll usually see on currency converters will usually be based on the interbank rate – see the fourth question in our FAQs for more on this. No-one but the big 4 banks are able to trade at these rates, but with Australian Currency Services, we think we’ll get you closer to those rates than anyone else. It’s all because we take a smaller margin than the banks, and we’re able to pass that saving onto you in the form of a better exchange rate.

Yes, and fixing a rate can really help you budget. With what’s known as a forward contract, you can fix an exchange rate for up to two years in advance. There may be an initial deposit to pay, and if the rates move against you this might need to be topped up. A forward contract can come in useful if you need to pay the balance on an overseas property in six months’ time, but you want to know straightaway what the property will end up costing you. With a forward contract, you get the peace of mind from knowing that whatever happens, you have already agreed the exchange rate.

Yes, we are able to receive funds from an account that has a different name to your Australian Currency Services account. However, to keep in line with anti-money laundering regulations, we will need to verify the source. Please get in touch, and we’ll be able to provide more information on this.

Europe – IBAN and SWIFT

Canada – SWIFT and Transit code

Australia – SWIFT or BSB code

New Zealand – 6 digit bank code and SWIFT

USA – ABA routing number or SWIFT

UK – account number and sort code or SWIFT and IBAN

India – SWIFT and IFSC number

China – SWIFT

Mexico – Clabe no. and SWIFT

For information on other countries, contact us.

If you're unhappy with any aspect of your transaction with us, please contact your relationship manager. Your complaint will always be investigated and you'll receive a formal response. We appreciate all feedback, both positive and negative, as it helps us tailor our services to your requirements. For more information on our Complaints Procedure, click here.